Monday, September 1, 2014

Cool Creative Kitchen Hacks That Every Cook Should Know 2015

Cool Creative Kitchen Hacks That Every Cook Should Know 2015
Cool Creative Kitchen Hacks That Every Cook Should Know 2015
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Cool Creative Kitchen Hacks That Every Cook Should Know 2015

Mason Jar 505x1024

thumb tack boiled eggs kitchen hack 151x1024
You can use a thumb tack to pierce the broader oval side of the egg like shown in the image. This ensures  boiled eggs without any damage or imperfections.
Cool Whip and Beverages 
Cool Whip Beverages kitchen hack
You can freeze Cool Whip in cookie cutters to get different shaped cool additions for your beverages.
How to Perfectly Cut A Watermelon
how to cut a watermelon kitchen hacks 222x1024
  • Diagonally make two cuts into the watermelon.
  • Do the same on other side.
  • Now, cut the watermelon longitudinally and that’s it!
Grill Fish
grill fish kitchen hacks
You can use lemons under the fish for a better grill. This not only adds flavor to the fish but also prevents it from sticking.
How to Cut A Mango
How to Cut A Mango
Mango is a dirty fruit if you don’t know how to cut it. Well! there is an easy solution:
  • Cut the Mango into three pieces using a knife so that you exclude the kernel.
  • Now, make two or three (depending on the size of Mango)longitudinal cuts into the Mango.
  • Make the same cuts throughout the width and push the skin of mango upwards when you are done.
  • You are now ready to cut the pulp  from the skin to enjoy a perfectly cut delicacy.
Heart Shaped Eggs
heart shaped eggs kitchen hack
heart shaped eggs kitchen hacks
You can easily make heart shaped eggs using a chop stick and a rubber band. All you have to do is put the egg in the same arrangement as shown in the photo and leave it for half an hour.
Ripening Bananas

ripening bananas kitchen hack
Who knew an oven could be used to ripen a banana?
Making Dry Fruit
Making Dry Fruit kitchen hacks 256x1024
Here’s another oven surprise for you. You can actually use an oven to convert regular fruits into dried ones by just varying the temperature and time.
Golden Eggs
golden egg kitchen hack
There’s a Kitchen hack for golden eggs too. Shake the egg violently for 1-2 minutes, boil and you are ready for a golden treat.
Saving The Ranch
cutting the ranch kitchen hack
To be super savvy, you can cut your Ranch into half. Also, you can apply this trick to everything similar to ranch.
Ice Packs
ice packs lunch box
You can use frozen sponges as DIY cheap lunchbox ice packs.
 Getting the Best of Your Hash Browns
Hash browns waffles kitchen hacks
You can sue your waffle iron to get perfect shaped as well as tasty Hash Browns.
Keeping Your Ice Cream Soft 
keeping ice cream soft kitchen hack
Simply zip lock it in a polyethylene bag to keep it soft though-out the process of storage.
Clear Ice Cubes
clear ice cubes kitchen hacks
If you are high on getting clear ice cubes, you can simply boil the water and then put it in your freezer.
Slicing Potatoes
slicing potatoes

You can use an Apple slicer to slice potatoes easily and quickly.
Making Larger Ice Cubes
Making Larger Ice Cubes for pitchers
A perfect solution for pitchers, you can use this Kitchen Hack to make large ice cubes. This can be done by freezing lemon slices in CupCake pan.
Taco Shells
grea taco shells kitchen hack
Tortillas and coven when combined creatively pave a way for great Taco Shells.
Prevent Brown Sugar Clumping
Prevent Brown Sugar Clumping marshmallow
You can prevent brown sugar from clumping by removing the moisture content. This can be easily done by using natural desiccant, that is marshmallow.
Wine and Cheese Pairing
wine and cheese pairing 433x1024
Another cheesy little thing that wine connoisseurs must commit to memory.
Blender and Ice Cream
blender to make ice cream
Quite an odd thing to do as it would seem, you can use blender to actually create an ice cream.
Tic Tac Spice Containers
tic tac spice containers
Best and Easiest Way To Cut Small Food Items
easiest way to cut small food items 1
 Know Your Wine
Know Your Wine kitchen hack
 Know You Knives and a Few Maneuvers 
know your knives and how to use them kitchen hacks 115x1024
Cake Size and Servings
cake size and servings kitchen hack

 Using Tortilla for Chips
Using Tortilla for Chips

Grain To Water Ratio Cheat Sheet
grain to water cheat sheet

Anatomy Of Cheese Plate
Anatomy Of Cheese Plate